In the realm of dispatching at Apex Logistics, we operate with a commitment to swift and efficient coordination, ensuring that your shipments reach their destination seamlessly. Our dispatching team is dedicated to meticulous planning, real-time monitoring, and effective communication to streamline the entire logistical process. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we track and manage every shipment with precision, providing you with visibility and control at every stage. With a focus on optimizing routes and schedules, our dispatching experts work tirelessly to minimize delays and maximize reliability. At Apex Logistics, we understand that timely dispatching is paramount, and we take pride in delivering a responsive and reliable service to meet your logistics needs.


Central Dispatching

In the realm of logistics, central dispatching serves as the nerve center for efficient and cohesive operations. At Apex Logistics, our central dispatching system is the hub where precision meets control. It acts as the strategic command post, overseeing the movement of goods with meticulous planning and coordination. Our dedicated team utilizes advanced technologies to centralize communication, monitor real-time data, and optimize routes. This centralized approach allows us to respond promptly to changing circumstances, ensuring that shipments are routed with maximum efficiency. With Apex Logistics' central dispatching, clients can trust in a streamlined process that enhances visibility, minimizes delays, and fosters a logistics ecosystem built on reliability and adaptability.


Carrier Setup

At Apex Logistics, our carrier setup process is designed with the utmost attention to detail, efficiency, and collaboration. We understand that the backbone of a robust logistics network lies in establishing strong partnerships with carriers. Our comprehensive carrier setup involves thorough vetting, ensuring that each partner aligns with our commitment to reliability, safety, and adherence to industry standards.

We prioritize transparent communication during the onboarding process, clearly outlining expectations and fostering a collaborative relationship. Apex Logistics leverages cutting-edge technology to streamline the setup, enabling seamless integration into our logistics ecosystem. We work closely with carriers to optimize routes, improve performance, and uphold a commitment to on-time deliveries.

By choosing Apex Logistics, carriers become integral contributors to a network that values professionalism, innovation, and a shared dedication to exceeding customer expectations. Our carrier setup is not just a process; it's a partnership that strengthens the foundation of our logistics capabilities.


Fuel Cards

In the realm of transportation and logistics, fuel cards play a pivotal role in managing operational costs and ensuring smooth fleet management. At Apex Logistics, we recognize the significance of efficient fuel management, and our fuel card program is designed to empower our fleet partners.

Our fuel card system provides a convenient and secure way for carriers to purchase fuel, track expenses, and manage transactions. With widespread acceptance at fueling stations nationwide, our fuel cards offer flexibility and accessibility, reducing the administrative burden associated with traditional expense tracking.

Through strategic partnerships with fuel providers, Apex Logistics negotiates discounts and rewards programs, maximizing cost savings for our carriers. The fuel card program is seamlessly integrated into our technology platform, providing real-time insights into fuel consumption and expenditures.

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Apex Logistics operates the largest dispatching network across the United States, ensuring unparalleled efficiency and reliability in the movement of goods nationwide



“We are dedicated to optimizing logistics solutions in the Midwest US, leveraging strategic partnerships and cutting-edge technology for seamless and efficient operations."